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Anglesey Weekend # 1 – Stanley Embankment by Sarah Gille

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Anglesey Weekend # 1 – Stanley Embankment by Sarah Gille

A gaggle of 4 little boats headed to Stanley embankment for a splishy splash. 2 of us got on at Four-Mile Bridge for a quick ride through the tunnel and then we paddled along the inland sea to the wave. From a distance, we could see the white water bubbling away as the tide pushed through the bridge under the road creating a wave and then long jet of bubbly boily water.

As we paddled across the Inland Sea, we saw 3 fish jump out just in front of us as we paddled and lots of sea birds. We arrived in perfect unison to meet Sara and Keith who had parked outside the garage on the A5 (room for 4 cars with a short carry across the A5 and railway tracks).

After some reassuring words from Sara, we all took turns to ride the wave. It was fab. Really clean and easy to get on. Sara was able to make some spins and bounces. The fun bit was the wave. The scary bit was the big boily mess behind you which made for great rolling practice. The water is still dripping out of my nose when I lean forward.

After a great session we headed back to camp for lunch and later when for a paddle in the sea. It was a really good day!

Sarah Gille

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