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Christmas rolling competition – Final Results  

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Congratulations to all that took part. Poppy came top in two categories and Paul came top in paddle rolls. (he used a back deck roll to squeeze in 13 rolls in 30 seconds)

You can only enter the next category once you have registered a score in the previous.  Eg start with Poolside or kayak bow rolls (X-rescues) and then work up to Paddle rolls / hand rolls. 
30 seconds to complete as many full 360 degree rolls as you can. 
A full roll is counted when you return back to starting position with head or shoulders and boat perpendicular (at 90° ) with the water.  (Head or body can be lying on the back of the boat).
These can be performed at an outside venue or at a pool session.   You will need video evidence or a named referee to verify if away from the pool.