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Day 02 Saturday: Espace Eau Vive de l’Isle de la Serre by Kirk W

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2023 LCC Alpine Paddling Holiday

Day 02 Saturday: Espace Eau Vive de l’Isle de la Serre by Kirk W

The advance party were up at first light to take advantage of the white-water course. Well, it was light anyway, and we put in a hardcore couple of laps before breaking for a leisurely lunch. The afternoon saw the arrival of Steve H, the Murphy boys and Lewis, with Stuart and Kurt pulling up soon after. After some high-calibre social exchanges, setting up tents and maybe a beer or two, it was time to get back on for another couple of circuits with surprisingly no mishaps, followed by lots of frisbee throwing and a few more beers. It had been roasting all afternoon and was still hot even though we had waited until the end of the day before getting on again to throw some shapes/practice some strange expressions on the waves around the course.

Mark G sent his drone up to survey the site and the course and produced this fabulous shot of the l’Isle de la Serre.

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Keith and Sara arrived at midday after resting overnight in a motorway Aire (rest stop with picnic tables and toilets). They then went for a cycle ride along the Rhone River through several picturesque villages.

That night we tried to go out into the local village for a meal but the only non-Michelin starred restaurant was “complet” (FULL). We had to make do with take-a-way pizza instead.

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Waiting for pizza to be prepared in the small village of Sault-Brénaz

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Sunset over the River Rhone by Chris Murphy

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