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Euxton Canoe Club – Save our club

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Euxton Canoe Club – Save our club

Euxton Canoe Club is based in Chorley, Lancashire – about 20 miles from Liverpool, as the crow flies. Last week, their storage facility was torched in an arson attack. They lost the vast majority of their boats along with a lot of other kit. Current estimate of damage is over £50,000. As a result of this, there is a real danger that the club will have to shut completely. A canoe club without boats doesn’t really work.

These guys are our neighbours. I am quite sure that if this had happened to Liverpool Canoe club, the members of Euxton club would help out us out. With the price of fuel going through the roof, nobody is feeling particularly wealthy at the moment, but if enough people contribute – even if it’s only the price of a pint – then they’ll get back on the water.

I’m guessing that being members of a canoe club, you don’t need any kind of lecture on the importance of this kind of club, or the mental and physical wellbeing that it brings to a huge number of people – adults and children alike. But if you’re in any doubt, have a look at this lovely message from Lottie Harris:

Please, please, dig deep and give what you can.

Here’s a link to the crowdfunder account, currently just over £3,000, with a target of £20,000: Save Euxton Canoe Club – a Community crowdfunding project in Chorley by Jonathan McElhinney (

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