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Junior Club Weekend on Anglesey – By Clara Clews

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My favourite activity was probably coasteering.

On the last day, we went paddling on the sea. When we came back we went coasteering. We were at a sandy beach, so first we walked to the edge of the rocks. Courtney gave me a piggyback out to the rocks where I couldn’t stand up. Then we clambered along the rocks. It was really fun.

Then we jumped off a rock into the water. We swam into a cave, the water in there was fairly cold. It was gloomy and it was like a lagoon. You got washed past a big rock which took up most of the channel. The waves were very strong and carried you along. Then we sat down on the rocks in the cave.

After that we swam out of the cave and me and Courtney were at the back. We tried to clamber onto a rock but we kept being washed away. Then finally we got onto the rock and jumped in again. The water was deep and rocky. Next we swam over to another rock, sat down, then jumped in. Finally we swam back to the beach and played in the water for a while and I put my face in the water. Before we did it I felt a bit nervous but afterwards I was happy and glad I did it.

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