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LCC Pembroke weekend – Saturday Paddle around Ramsey Island

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The weather was ideal, stable high pressure and winds forecast to be less than force 4. The group decided to paddle from Porth Clais and take the remaining flood tide (Neaps) out and around the outside of Ramsey Island. There was always an option to bail and head down the inside of the sound if things looked a little rough.

We ferried across to the end of Ynys Elun and surveyed Midland Gap. The tide was tailing off and we thought we could all slip through and then down the outside of the island. Although there was little wind, we did have a sizable swell running and this combined with the tide created a small race between the gap. We slipped through without any upset but it did give rise to some interesting water.

The tide swept us along past some tall cliffs with waves breaking in places. Some considered making a landing on Aber Mawr (a large west facing beach with large cobbles). We decided against this as landing and launching would be a little challenging

Next came several large caves with deep passages together with a few arches. The group worked its way around the north end of the island and once on the sheltered east side found several beaches – the sun was out, lunch started and stoves roared. We spent a little while in the sun waiting for the tide to swing round and ebb through the sound. Some overfalls started to run in the middle of the sound and discussion centered around horse rock and its subsequent overalls.

Before long we took to the water again and explored the features around the landing / pier on the island. We even threaded the “bitches rocks”. Hardly any tide was running as we made our way back to the mainland and Porth Clais. The Ice Cream Café in the car park enjoyed some investment while we reflected on an excellent day’s paddle.

Paddlers; Mark P, Nikki A, Martin A, Martin, Keith S, Ian B, Andy G, Anthony V