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Monday 2nd January – Sea Paddle – Little Orme and Great Orme by Ian Crook

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Monday 2nd January – Sea Paddle – Little Orme and Great Orme by Ian Crook

A great little sea trip to kick off the new year.

I arrived early at Llandudno North Shore for a leisurely breakfast in the van. Soon other kayakers started to arrive and found myself surrounded by a large group from Snowdonia Canoe Club. They were a very friendly bunch, but confusion then reigned as LCC members began arriving, and groups of boats began lining up along the shoreline with LCC and Snowdonia among them.

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Once Snowdonia had paddled off, Ian was able to evaluate the remaining boats scattered along the shoreline and rationalise those present with the attendee list he had.

Launching in the surf was a bit tricky, resulting in an early bath for Kevin (I’m hoping nobody saw my own attempt), and after a quick briefing on the water we set a steady pace for the Little Orme. Keith’s call for elevenses at Porth Dyniewaid was scuppered by the presence of a large group of seals, so we did an about-turn and headed straight across the bay to the Great Orme.

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Sea conditions and the wind picked up slightly as we reached the headland by Hornby Cave, so rather than push around to the west shore, we began to make our way back keeping close to the cliffs. By this point, stomachs were rumbling, and various rocky landings were contemplated, until eventually a lovely pebbly beach was spotted. As we drew closer, some of the larger pebbles began to move and we realised this was another large group of seals, with an equally large group of tourists above taking photographs. We took a wide berth and pushed on around to the main beach. There was a strong scent of perfume in the air as we approached the pier (or was that Kevin?).

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Nikki and Martin (who’d dropped back earlier due to sickness) met us on the beach with doughnuts, but just for themselves of course.

A long discussion then ensued about a green buoy that had drifted from its position, or maybe it had always been there? We made this the target of our next leg, and despite some suggestions of heavy-duty towing practice, we found the buoy to be safely anchored and bobbing around nicely where it should be.

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Nikki and Martin had recced a suitable location for the ‘debrief’ up the road, so we all reconvened for a drink and meal before heading on our way.

Many thanks to Ian Bell for organising and Keith for the good (?) humour.

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Ian B, Catriona H, Keith S, Martin A, Nikki A, Andrew B, Kevin C, Neil M, Adya M, Ian C and Andrew G