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Pembrokeshire Bank Holiday Weekend bonus trips

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Arriving back at Porth Clais

Pembrokeshire Bank Holiday Weekend bonus trips by Catriona Hare

Leaving Porth Clais Andy, Ian and I went from Porth Clais to Solva; this was to allow us to hide from the northerly wind which like the rest of the week didn’t blow as predicted, and we weren’t sheltered . We also realised that Solva and Porth Clais are not easily accessible at low tide.

A person in a kayakDescription automatically generated Leaving Porth Clais

Arriving back there was another 200m of shallow river and shingle to negotiate before we reached our launch point. We also saw Andy’s approach to taking a perfect photo, landing on rocks for stability?

We had walked past Ramsey Sound earlier in the week when the tide had been at its peak and relatively strong winds, so we drove out to take another look on the way back to the campsite, to see what it would look like at slack. This really showed the importance of tidal planning and getting it right. Now I know it doesn’t have to be scary I can look forward to a trip round Ramsey sound another year,

A whale in the waterDescription automatically generated

By the last day it was just Ian and I left and absolutely no wind, so we drove up the coast to Cardigan Bay, for a bit of dolphin spotting. We were in luck and saw two small groups of dolphins. In the absence of rocks for the perfect photo platform the evidence is a bit blurred. Although we were keeping our distance, so we didn’t stress them, they came to us with one surprising me by jumping out the water about a meter from my kayak.

We stopped for lunch at Mwnt. A lovely beach until the surf picked up. Luckily for me, the person with the camera was the one who struggled getting off the beach, maybe as there is no evidence I didn’t actually get wet?