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Please help to keep the compound tidy

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Please help to keep the compound tidy

We have done a lot of work around the compound at the docks to tidy it up and fit in even more equipment.

Many thanks to all those who have offered help or donated scaffold poles and their time.   Please note that we now have so many paddles and boats that it is really important to put everything back in similar groups on the racks (eg similar boats and paddles only in the same rack).  If you just put stuff back anywhere it will not all fit,  The paddles will fall off in the first gust of wind unless all matched together (they sit together much better if they are stored together with the same size and style).

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Good practice:

1/  All boats are stored in groups of 3 or 4 on their sides and with similar sized boats.   Longer boats to the left of the compound.

2/  All paddles stored together with similar ones – they fit together much better and are less likely to fall off when the wind blows. Left-handed paddles have red tape on them and are stored on the right-hand side.

3/  Spray decks must be hung up by the release loops – any other method just rips them when the wind blows.

4/  Buoyancy Aids must be hung up on hangers with the zips done up – if not they end up on the floor when the wind blows

Let’s all try to keep the compound and area tidy.  If you collect any rubbish from the water please take it home with you and on no account leave it in the compound.  I have removed a whole carload of stuff – footballs/drinks bottles/chair/oar etc.   These items will never be collected by their owners so please never put them in the compound – just take home and bin them.   Why not occasionally bring down a bin liner and remove any litter/rubbish/weeds from around the compound.  We can all do our little bit and help to look after the compound.

If you are in charge of a group it is your responsibility to watch and advise your group members when putting equipment away. If you come across boats, paddles, spray decks or buoyancy aids incorrectly stored please take a few minutes to sort them.

Many thanks