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River Kent 6th January

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Hannah at Scroggs Weir

After warming up on the Leven we headed over to the River Kent, after leaving a car we missed the turn to Scroggs weir and had to take short detour.

We were soon on the river which was at a medium – high level.  Soon it wound its way down to the start of the gorge section at Hawes Lane.  The first drop was plesant enough.  At S bends we stopped in the rapid above and shot it one by one.   There was an enormous hole on outside of the bend which claimed a few casulties including Leannes paddle which disappeared in a stopper lower down.  We fished for it for a good while with a weighted throw line but the current was far too strong.   (Leanne was reunited with her paddle a week later after a post on UK Rivers Guide)

Lower down the gorege opens up and a nasty small scour weir has to be shot with extreme caution on river right (Scrape the wall – there is a very large but inconspicuous recirculation).

We later egressed above the L shaped weir and infamous Force Falls.

Leanne, Sara, Hannah, Ian, Nick and Keith

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