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Shetland Islands, Day Eight, 18th June, by Catriona

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Shetland Islands, Day Eight, 18th June, by Catriona

Last day and yes, yet more wind. The forecast was F5 gusting F8/9, so I was concerned about driving with boats on the car rather than paddling, and also increasingly concerned about the ferry crossing home. Each driver and their passengers set off for a day of sightseeing, except for Becka who felt she needed another cycle into a headwind.

A picture containing outdoor, sky, grass, waterDescription automatically generated Visits were made to Lerwick Fort and museum, Sumburgh Head with its lighthouse, WW2 radar station history, and bird reserve and Jarlshoff; a historical site, continuously occupied for 4000 years. Both of the latter were on the southern point of the island and the waves battering the coast were quite impressive.

The fulmars and puffins managed to fly and manoeuvre in the wind, although this was difficult for them, and landing could take several attempts.

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Andy, Ian, and I went off to find a café to wait for the ferry home, unfortunately (especially for Ian) they were all full and we had to go to a bar instead; the rather inaccurately named Grand Hotel, which Mark and David had stayed in earlier in the week. However, alcohol and sea sickness pills are good at making me sleepy and both along with my ear plugs helped with the rough ferry trip home. However, it made me grateful to Ian who with some help Andy’s drove the long way home.

It was great to see everyone at last despite the inclement weather, maybe another year we might be luckier.

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