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Stand Up Paddleboard session Monday 18th September

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Stand Up Paddleboard session Monday 18th September.

We had 6 paddleboards out for this session but as we were getting on, a squall came over Coburg Dock. We had to hang onto our paddleboards as the gusts were flipping them over. On the upside, as it passed, we were blessed with a fantastic double rainbow. We jumped on board our SUPs (well we actually kneeled until we were in deep water) and paddled up to the Liverpool Wheel and then in Albert Dock with all the lights.

It now became dark at 7:30pm and we had to illuminate our lights (a variety of head torches and bike lights) and paddle back down to the compound. The wind died off and then blew gently in the opposite direction to give a free ride back down into Coburg Dock.

Next Monday will see the last of this series of SUP only paddles, why not come along and join us – especially if you have your own SUP.

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