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The Ferry Wave by Paul Harwood

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The Ferry Wave by Paul Harwood

Last night was the year’s first attempt at catching the Novelty Ferry Wave.

Every day at 1915hrs, during the summer months, the Sea Cat sets off from Liverpool to the Isle of Man, creating a huge wake from its twin hulls. Two hours before high tide, with absolutely no wind, looked like the perfect conditions.

Karl Tattum, Harvey Harwood and I got into the water at 1910hrs and waited patiently for the ferry to leave. You can hear its engines from a mile away. Eventually the sea Cat rounds to port and makes its way at 30knots out to the Irish Sea. You can see the huge wake coming from the back. After about 5 minutes you can see the waves starting to hit the beach about a mile away. After another 5 minutes, the Sea Cat has passed you by, but you can see the shadow of the waves building up and coming towards you.

suddenly a 4 foot wall of water is almost on you and you pray that you are in the right position…..

Last night we were about 100 yards too far out and missed the first two waves.

Last night was a cracking wave, we just need to figure out our boat positions. Longer boats work better.

Floating on the water is ace, getting a little wave just for the hell of it is priceless!!

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