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2023 March photo of the month

2023 March photo of the month

Please send any photos for next month`s competition to
Be sure to include a short description.


This Poll active until 1st of April 2023 00:00:00

2023 March Photo of the Month

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3 thoughts on “2023 March photo of the month”

  1. Just to let everyone know the photo taken of me on the Farndon to Chester trip was taken by Jacki Jenkins 👍👍😂😂. I only organised the trip.
    Great phot Jacki!

  2. The competition goes live on the 1st of the Month so will include photos submitted during the previous month. Many members do not get around to sorting their photos for many months and even from last summer. I know it often takes me ages to go through mine, so we accept any photos taken at any time. We would also like to have photos submitted by new members of their paddling. Historical photos can also be submitted. The competiton is a celebration of the best 6 photographs entered each month loosely related to LCC. Many thanks for all your contributions.