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Try a Boat Session on 25th June

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with this session last Sunday and to club members who used the opportunity to try a selection of club boats not normally used during dock paddles. We also opened the session to young children from Knowsley in conjunction with Adapt (UK) Training Services Limited. Club member Paul Hennessey coordinated this for us.

The morning proved a great success with lots of activity and many boats and boards used. We had members trying everything from Sit On Tops, Sea Kayaks, a range of White Water and General Kayaks, Double Kayaks, Polo Kayaks, Racing Ski`s, Stand Up Paddle Boards and Open Canoes.

If and when we run another “Try a boat” session I strongly urge all members to pop down and try a different type of craft to their usual. You never know, it may open up a whole new world of boating for you.

Many thanks to Adapt (UK) Training Services Limited for the photos

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1 thought on “Try a Boat Session on 25th June”


    A fantastic session which gave me better understanding of the types of craft at the club and the different handling abilities – thanks to all who volunteered, these days are not possible without you 💙